Te-VacS™ Product Line

Vacuum Separation Modules


The Te-VacS product line consists of versatile vacuum separation modules for Tecan pipetting platforms. They are designed to automate cartridge-based filtration and/or solid phase extraction (SPE) processes. The modules out of the Te-VacS product line are able to host different types of SPE plates and SPE cartridges from various suppliers. They can be operated singly or in combination with other modules on Tecan pipetting platforms thereby eliminating cost-intensive hands-on time by lab personnel in life sciences industry.


The Te-VacS product line: three offerings to satisfy your application needs


TeVacS: High throughput vacuum separation module

  • Complete automation option for cartridge based filtration and solid phase extraction (SPE)
  • Two independently controlled vacuum positions
  • Software controlled vacuum pressure with feedback

Te-VacS Lite: Fully automated vacuum separation

  • Option for cartridge-based filtration and solid phase extraction (SPE)
  • Single vacuum position
  • Extra holding position for micro plate or vacuum block
  • Utilizes house vacuum or external vacuum pump
  • Software controlled vacuum regulation module

Vacuum Control: Option compatible with non-Tecan manifolds

  • Software controlled vacuum regulation module
  • Enhanced flexibility as this module can be combined with non-Tecan vacuum separation manifolds, external vacuum pumps or house vacuum.

All modules can easily be integrated into Freedom EVO® or Genesis-based workstations. Straightforward operating and control is enabled by Tecan’s Pipetting Software Packages.


Te-VacS product line highlights

Easily configurable

Can easily be configured to host different types of SPE plates and SPE cartridges from various suppliers

Contamination safe

Te-VacS with separate vent lines for each vacuum position helps to prevent aerosol caused cross-contamination

More walk-away

Automated exchange of plates and cartridges on the Te-VacS and Te-VacS Lite allows multi batch processes without user intervention

Process scale-up can be realized by parallel use of multiple vacuum separation modules on one single workstation

Flexible workflow integration

Technology is compatible with vacuum-based reagent kits from numerous vendors such as Millipore®, Promega®, Qiagen® and others.

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