MultiChannel Arm™ 384 (MCA 384)

Flexibility and speed
for all your applications


The MultiChannel Arm™ 384 offers higher productivity to automated liquid handling processes in pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications. The pipetting arm can be mounted onto Tecan’s Freedom EVO® 100, 150 or 200 liquid handling workstations, increasing the efficiency and speed of pipetting processes for higher throughput as well as delivering a greater level of flexibility.

Main Benefits:

Broad Volume Range
Highest Pipetting Flexibility
Automatic exchange of disposable and washable fixed tips



Pipetting Flexibility

Pipette with 384, 96, 24, 16, 12 or 8 tips

The MultiChannel Arm™ 384 can quickly switch from one tip array to another, enabling the rapid processing of a variety of pipetting tasks demanded by your assays. It is possible to access a range of different plate formats, including 96- and 384-well plates. Pipetting into 1,536-well plates can be performed using 15 μl disposable tips or the fixed tip adapter, providing extra flexibility and miniaturization. Row and column pipetting allows inclusion of experimental controls as well as in-plate serial dilutions.



Tip Flexibility

Automatic exchange of disposable and washable fixed tips

Adapters for using disposable tips and stainless steel, FEP-coated fixed tips are available. The adapters allow the use of fixed washable tips when pipetting reagents or solvents, for instance, and the use of disposable tips whenever the assay demands it. An optional wash station, with a separate wash channel for each tip, helps to ensure that your tips are clean.



Broad volume range

The pipetting head features a very broad volume range from 0.5 μl to 125 μl in the 384 well and from 0.5 μl to 500 μl in the 96 well format. The flexible pipetting head uses either disposable tips, available in two sizes of 50 μl and 125 μl, or stainless steel tips available in 125 μl. 15 μl  will be available in the near future.

EVA (Extended Volume Adapter)
The latest member of the adapter family is the Extended Volume Adaptor (EVA) expanding the multichannel pipetting possibilities of the MCA384. Using the Extended Volume Adaptor, the MCA384 can be automatically and quickly transformed into a high volume 96-channel pipetting head during a run It works by merging four channels into one, thus transforming the 384-channel head into a 96-channel head with an increased volume capacity of 500µl (4 x 125 µl) per channel. The EVA can be used with Tecan 500 ul tips and all others nested or non nested MCA 96 tips.


Tip logistics

Disposable tip usage is optimized through the automatic built-in tip handling function. The head is capable of loading four separate sets of 96 tips from a single box of 384 tips, reducing the amount of deck space used for disposable tip placement by decreasing the number of tip boxes necessary for a run. Alternatively the head can mount 96 tips directly out of a box for 96 tips for higher volume applications. Tip usage is further optimized through the automatic tip handling of single rows and columns, using all the tips in a single box.

Optional Gripper  

Optional Gripper –

An optional gripper can be added to the MultiChannel Arm 384. This module allows transporting microplates from and to pipetting position, bringing a fresh tip box whenever necessary or simply de-lidding a plate for the duration of a pipetting step. With its 360deg rotation capability the MCA384 gripper has access to hotels and incubators on the back or on the side of the Freedom EVO platform and can load and unload microplates from a reader at the side of the instrument. Its individual y- and z-axes make this gripper a low to medium throughput resource for on the spot labware manipulations and can be very useful in extraction processes using vacuum separation.


For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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