Freedom EVO® Hit Picking

Reliable, fast hit picking for drug discovery applications


Tecan liquid handlers are well recognized workhorses used for hit picking (cherry-picking) applications in screening and compound logistics laboratories worldwide. The combination of a flexible 8-tip liquid handling arm, a broad dynamic pipetting range, a robotic microplate manipulating arm, and the ability to integrate a wide variety of devices makes the

Freedom EVO the ideal tool for hit picking needs. Popular hardware options for hit picking applications include large capacity storage devices, lid handling as well as barcode printing, labeling and reading devices.
In addition to the wide variety of hardware options, Tecan also offers a choice of software solutions for hitpicking. This includes the full flexibility of Freedom EVOware® with its worklisting capabilities and the Hit Picking wizard, Tecan’s software solution specifically designed for hit-picking applications.

The applications described here are not available in the US outside of the research market.

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