Partnership - Tecan and Thermo Scientific

MSIA Streptavidin EVO workstation for automated large molecule bioanalysis

The importance of large molecule extraction has been highlighted by rapidly increasing investment in biologics discovery and development and disease-linked biomarker research, as well as mandatory inclusion of protein/peptide-based doping agents in drug testing. Current methodologies have significant limitations, including high background noise, carry-over issues, low reproducibility, limited dynamic range and time-consuming sample preparation, which translate to method development and implementation challenges.

The MSIA Streptavidin EVO micro columns combine Thermo Fisher Scientific’s proprietary mass spectrometry immunoassay (MSIA™) technology with Tecan’s Freedom EVO® platform to provide a one-stop solution for affinity purification of large molecules.


Affinity ligand capture
Biomolecule capture
Elution buffer
Reduce processing time for 96 samples from one working day to under two hours; faster method development and routine application.
Use smaller sample volumes (~10 µl), minimize analyst-induced errors and reduce implementation costs through standardized workflows.
Alleviate current barriers to efficiency; ready to use – no need to aliquot beads, no clogging and minimal analytical variability.

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