Sample Hydrolysis

Achieve faster time-to-result and major cost savings

Enzymatic hydrolysis using β-Glucuronidases is routinely used by labs on urine, plasma, and other fluids prior to analysis by enzyme immunoassay, mass spectrometry, gas chromatography, high performance liquid chromatography, or other means. It is often used prior to downstream sample extraction methods. However, the manual process is time consuming and error prone. Higher usage of enzyme volumes, internal standards also drives costs up.


An example of a sample hydrolysis workflow
Enter batch ID Scan sample
Pipette buffer
Check barcode
on batch
Pipette IS Pipette enzyme
Pipette sample Incubate    
Benefits of a Freedom EVO hydrolysis workstation
Throughput of ~ 96 samples in ~ 15 mins; manual process takes 120 mins for 48 samples (excluding incubation for both)
Reduced enzyme and IS consumption. LCMS ROI goes down as automation increases capacity.
Single button software functions allow easy execution. Barcode scanning provides quick, accurate and reliable batch information for sample pipetting.

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