Partnership - Tecan and Recipe

Automate CE-IVD ClinMass® LCMS/MS Complete Kits* for faster time-to-result

Hospitals and private diagnostic labs performing Vitamin D and Immunosupresants testing are facing increasing test volumes and the need to reduce TAT. While LCMS has emerged as major analytical technique for their analysis, there is a risk of inaccuracy as the reference procedures and calibrations are not standardized across labs. Moreover, the manual nature of sample prep induces another level of data variability and human errors – all lowering lab efficiency and increasing operational costs.

Tecan and RECIPE jointly bring together a completely automated workstation for extraction of Vitamin D (from serum or plasma) and Immunosuppresants (Everolimus, Sirolimus, tacrolimus and cyclosporin A from whole blood). RECIPE provides a CE marked ClinMass® LC-MS/MS Complete Kits that fulfills the requirements of IVDD 98/79/EC*. Tecan automates the ClinMass kits on Freedom EVO instruments.


Scan sample
Pipette sample
(serum or whole blood)
to plate
Add precipitation
Centrifuge Vortex/shake
and incubate
Add standards
Total process automation for hands-free sample processing using CE-IVD* LC-MS/MS kits from Recipe.
Faster time-to-result using validated LC-MS/MS kits. Reduced repeat tests from robust liquid handling minimzes human errors.
Full audit trail using barcode reading and sample tracking throughout the process.

* Not for sale in the USA

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