Dilute and shoot

Maximize the return-on-investment on your MS instruments

Toxicology and hospital laboratories performing urinary drug screening routinely use dilute and shoot as a simple sample preparation method. Manual processing makes positive sample identification throughout the process difficult. Moreover, multiple human errors results in high repeat tests lowering productivity and increasing costs.


An example of a D&S workflow for extraction of drugs of abuse from urine.
Scna sample
Pipette QC's
and calibrants
Pipette into GC
Shake Add internal
Benefits of a Freedom EVO dilute and shoot workstation
Hands-free automation for higher samples/hour Process security features for ISO 17025 or
15189 compliance.
Reduction in sample and reagent volumes. Intuitive operator interface for simpler training regimes.
Automatically work with LIMS worklists through barcode reading providing higher workflow efficiency.

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