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Sample preparation for Mass Spectrometry

General purpose sample extraction automation solutions for clinical LCMS assays
Increasing test volumes of mass spectrometry assays in the clinical and toxicology laboratories and the required scale effects that are non-linear to human capital are challenging them to revisit the major bottleneck in their workflows – manual sample preparation. In partnership with its customers, Tecan has developed tailored workflow automation solutions for a variety of clinically important analytes and extraction methodologies to alleviate this bottleneck. Combining our history of precise liquid handling with understanding of your workflow needs, Tecan’s solutions are not only benefitting analytical labs around the world today, but prepare them for their needs tomorrow.

Sample preparation workflows

Sample Accessioning
Dilute and Shoot
Vaccum Solid Phase Extraction
Positive Pressure SPE
Liquid - Liquid
Sample Hydrolysis
AC Plate
Integration Solutions


Tecan SP
Tecan and
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Tecan and
Thermo Scientific
Differentiate yourself fom the competition and achieve growth

  • Manual sample preparation increases time and cost inputs leaving lower margins per test for diagnostic labs – Automation helps labs maximize their margins by reducing operational costs.
  • A dynamic regulatory environment offers high level business risk to diagnostic laboratories. Choosing the right partner is crucial to ensure compliance and business continuity.
  • Expensive LCMS investments mean labs would like to use them 24x7. Automation can provide the desired rate of throughput for maximal usage of LCMS investments.